TIMEX Camper reviews:

Don't overpay for a vintage Timex CamperSee this page for infoThey are not rare! 

Index page with links to reviews of all of the watches I own in the Camper series by TIMEX, along with a few that are vaguely Camper. For convenience, I've grouped them all in this reference page, listed in chronological order of production dates. Scroll down!

NEW: Jan 2018. I've taken apart a Camper, fully!   

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The Original Camper, a revival (released November 2015) of the classic mechanical Camper model, after 25 years of wandering in the desert. This links has a review of the watch, and also includes a sort of "origin story" timeline. This timeline goes from 1964, when the government specifications were laid down, to the project to resurrect the Camper, to the final release, and beyond.
March and April, 2016, triple collaboration watches from TIMEX x Engineered Garments x BEAMS, with a dial that is a mirror image from normal. The movement runs in the usual direction. Thus far, there have been four watches in this collaboration. The first two are the green and blue resin case versions, March and April 2016, respectively. Very quirky, and somewhat absurd watches...
December 13, 2017. Ivory dial Camper. There were initially three ivory dial Campers released at that time, all with different cases and straps. A fourth was released in February 2018. Stunning looking watch..
March 9, 2018 TIMEX collaboration with British designer Nigel Cabourn for this military-style watch which keeps the Camper case in steel, but had dial and hands unlike the traditional Original Camper. It's really a beautiful watch.
January 18, 2018. Third watch in the TIMEX collaboration with Engineered Garments, and BEAMS (BEAMS BOY, this time,) with a steel-case version, reversed dial, etc.
Below are some more watches that are not strictly Camper watches, but they have similarities, and so I'll include them in this index page of reviews.
TIMEX mini-Camper, from circa 1983. A nice-looking military-style TIMEX mechanical in a green single-piece plastic case. Mysterious, to me. I've only seen this one.

1980s small mechanical TIMEX. This a small watch in a white plastic single-piece solid lug case very similar in proportion and design to the TIMEX Camper watches.
1994 mechanical TIMEX "ACQUA" brand, in a "Camper" style. Black resin / plastic case. Also: someone tried to pry off a nonexistent case-back.
Small and cute mechanical TIMEX watch for kids, 1983. Case in style of the TIMEX Camper, haha, omg...

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Typography. December, 2017. Interesting TIMEX collaboration with It's Nice That, and Camelot, a German typefoundry, to create a watch centered around "typography-led design." it's all explained in the link, but the watch references decades of dial fonts of TIMEX watches to create a bespoke font, with hand-lettered quality.