Timex x Todd Snyder Mod Watch, switches cases with the Blackjack watch in a fun, easy procedure.

by Alan (email)
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I won't repeat much on this page that I've written about elsewhere. I'll direct you to background pages on the original watch, and the procedure that was performed, and include lots of photos for your review.  The original Todd Snyder Timex Mod, reviewed at this page was used in conjunction with another Todd Snyder Timex watch, the Blackjack, reviewed at this page (which also describes the case switching procedure in detail. 

The original Timex watches from the Seventies are reviewed extensively, here for the red/black/white dial watch that became the modern Mod recreation, and here for the blue/black/red/white dial watch that became the modern Blackjack. 

In general, I think this dial works nicely, in this setting. The black inner ring kind of balances nicely with the black case. Many more pics below.
Image source: unknown.