Timex 1976 "TV dial" for Portuguese language market, probably made in Portugal.
Hi this is Alan (contact info at the bottom.) I received this watch in August 2018, having previously had another nearly identical one, but for English language markets. I have written very extensively about this watch, with numerous photos, at this page/link. I suggest having a look for much more detail that I will not replicate here. 

Notice the day window. QUI is short for quinta-fiera, which is Thursday in Portuguese. 
The dial on this Portuguese TIMEX does not have GREAT BRITAIN at the bottom of the dial, as the first one I received, below. (The movement on that GB TIMEX also has GREAT BRITAIN stamped on the movement plate, which is not stamped on the Portuguese one. Nothing is stamped on the movement. Watches otherwise seem really identical.
String of numbers on the dial. Model number 16951, movement number 27 (027 on dial) and manufactured in 1976. 
Summary: this is a large and probably rare 1976 day-date mechanical TIMEX in a rectanguloid "TV" shape to the dial and crystal. QUI, in the day window, indicates this is a watch made for a Portuguese language market(s). There are about six countries where Portuguese is spoken as an official language. It seems most likely that this watch was made in the factory in Portugal, outside of Lisbon, in the late 1970s. I obtained it myself from someone in California, who obtained it from a charity shop somewhere in California.

Once again, please see the original and much more extensive write-up, with photos, of my. earlier GREAT BRITAIN version of this watch.

Thank you for looking.

I hope you will like it.




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All I could find about TIMEX manufacture in Brazil seems to date from 1996, onward.  See above. This watch was made in 1976, and therefore does not seem to fit a factory which began operations in 1996. I don't know if there were any other operations in that country prior to this. As there is no "made in," or "assembled in" markings anywhere on or in the watch, it's place of manufacture seems obscure. NEW INFO ADDED: TIMEX had a manufacture in Portugal, outside of Lisbon. It was the site of worker unrest and strikes in 1973 and 1974. More info at this articleSee below photo, as well, at far bottom of page. Now, I am convinced that this 1976 watch was made in Portugal, not Brazil.
Westinghouse ad for a color television, 1954
Excerpt, from an article about labor issues regarding the TIMEX factory in Portugal, 1973-1974. See the article for more info.