"Timex Expedition Military Classic, Ref. T49821H," ca. 2013.

I dislike this Timex, but I'm including it here to be complete, as part of a page I've written on a 1970's Timex version of the "Sprite" model. See this page for more details.

The first of three pictures are from this website.
I've never seen this watch in person. I don't really like it, though, from pictures. The dial clearly based on the 1970s Bullseye Sprite, and I think the dial design recreation is really pretty good. I guess I don't like the black case with knurled edges, the EXPEDITION signage, and the translucent plastic dial with Indiglo light-up. While I appreciate the technological innovation of Indiglo, without any doubt a positive development in nighttime watch readability, I've just never liked the look. I've also never been much excited by the Expedition line of watches. 
Also, unless my eyes are being faked out somehow, it looks like the dial slopes anteriorly toward the edges, and for some reason that bothers me.

I would not wear this, given many other watch choices. I do understand that I'm probably taking along some of my own prejudices and "baggage" with respect to watch aesthetics when assessing the appearance of this watch, but these are my feelings. Also, below, are two different version of what looks like the same Expedition. The one with the green looks pretty good, as far as the color combinations, but suffers from the same problems as the red/white/black one, to me.

Finally, to wrap this all up, I take some offense to this watch being officially titled by Timex as "military." I mean, *come on* already with the "military" watches. Nothing in the catalogs or other available history suggest the original 1970s watch was a military watch, and aside from the use of 13-24 hour "military time" markings (which are also used by pilots, doctors, nurses, many others) there is nothing military about it. They could just as easily have called it the Doctor, Pilot, Nurse, or Hospital Expedition Classic. Rant over. Back to main page.