Additional images for ebay auction number 122873440975. All pics are pics of watch you will be getting, and its box and booklet. Note there is a plastic cover on the watch crystal, as it came from Timex. I have not removed this, and on some pics you can see the outline of its edges. Notice there are "drilled lugs" on this Timex, where the lug holes are through-and-through, like the original 1965 watch. This facilitates changing of the straps. Several pictures below.
That is all for the extra pictures for ebay auction 122873440975. If you want to see pics from MY OWN Timex Marlin Reissue, with lots of other details, please click this link.
Ignore the below pictures, they are for a future auction, and are NOT part of ebay auction for Marlin.
Above, outer box.
Above, booklet. Below, inner box.